The Health & Happiness of your workforce matters.

The Stamina Protocol will address and help remove the stress, overwhelm, lack of focus, pain, ill health and low productivity that impacts the people in your organization.

This program will decrease the burnout that so many of your employees are experiencing.

People want to work for a company that makes them feel valued. Show your employees that you want to improve their lives. The Stamina Protocol will increase the energy and resilience of your team, resulting in a more engaged and motivated workforce.

The Stamina Protocol is for any organization that wants to: 

  • Battle Burnout from the inside out
  • Decrease missed work days due to sick leave and workers comp claims
  • Decrease absenteeism AND presenteeism
  • Decrease healthcare costs for employees
  • Experience fewer accidents and less turnover
  • Increase the productivity, output and engagement of employees
  • Increase the health and happiness of the entire workforce
  • Promote wellness to drive success
  • Establish a culture where employees feel they are truly valued

The Stamina ProtocolTM  will teach your team how to:

  • Change habits: Identify what needs to change, what you need to do differently, and most important, HOW to make it all a part of your lifestyle.
  • Get Stronger: Literally! With access to workouts and tips for staying with a fitness routine, increased strength is guaranteed. Perhaps most important, there is an online component containing 18 movement videos that focus on helping you get stronger.
  • Stay Out of Pain: The resources, movement videos and routines address key exercises and stretches to target problem areas of the body. You will also have access to comprehensive guides for Yoga, foam rolling and other self-care techniques.
  • Feel Better: By mastering movement, fuel and recovery techniques, and taking action with the resources provided to you – you feel
  • Each piece of the program is integrated to build the stamina to succeed!

Program Modules:

Defining Health & Happiness

  • No Normal Lifestyle
  • The Return on Stamina
  • Assess Yourself


Set Your Intention

  • Your Time, Your Schedule, Your Focus
  • Conscious Movement
  • Need vs. Want

Know Your Purpose

  • Stronger, Faster, Better – 7 Movement Functions of the Body
  • Train all Systems
  • Do the Work



  • Your Inner Circle
  • Hydration is Key
  • Eat Real Food


  • What to Measure
  • Work Your Plan
  • Do Something Different



  • Set the Limits
  • Change Your Mind
  • Remember Your Values


  • Slow Down to Speed Up
  • Breathing Keeps You In The Game
  • You Matter



  • Best Practices
  • Triggers
  • Transformation


  • Movement, Fuel, Recovery
  • Excellence is a Habit
  • Your Stamina Protocol