Products I Love January 2018





Ghee is clarified butter, meaning that the milk solids have been removed and only the butter fat remains. It retains a high smoke point as a cooking oil while still maintaining the creamy texture of butter. In addition to being lactose free, it is also an alkalizing food which provides many benefits to our digestive system. Lastly, Ghee is a great source of fat soluble vitamins K, E and A. I use Ghee to cook almost anything. I use it when baking, roasting vegetables or making scrambled eggs.  Most grocery stores carry Ghee and you can also get it online HERE.

foldable yoga mat







Travel Fold-able Yoga Mat
I received this Yoga mat as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and it is my absolute favorite mat for travel and home practice. I use it literally every day.  It folds up to the size of a notebook and the Gaiam brand makes excellent Yoga products and you get all the benefits of their mats even in this lighter version, no slipping or sliding on the surface. I got mine HERE.

neti pot






Neti Pot
The next time you are suffering from any kind of sinus irritation make sure that you have a Neti Pot on hand. Using the Neti Pot helps to clear away anything that does not belong in your nasal passage helping to improve breathing almost immediately. CLICK HERE for information and tips on the Neti Pot and how to use one. CLICK HERE to order yours on Amazon.

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