A Message from Natalie:

Your Health & Happiness Matters! 

Life moves at a fast pace. Most of us are battling burnout and trying to stay afloat. Developing our Stamina to Succeed is vital.

I help successful people and organizations get even better by addressing areas of life that often get neglected – Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Recovery & Relationships.

I know that what works for one person may not work for another. The model that I created, The Stamina ProtocolTM, allows for different solutions for different people – based on YOUR individual needs.

What brings me joy in my work is uncovering the solutions that will work for YOU on your path to a more fulfilled life. 

Join me here to be inspired and to receive tips and strategies to increase your stamina for a happy and healthy life. 

Take Back Your Time

Prioritizing movement, fuel, and recovery is the biggest hurdle most of us face when it comes to investing in our stamina. It has become apparent that without a critical change in perspective most of us will never ‘find the time’. With so much on your plate, the secret is not finding the time, but rather,…


How Much Does Happiness Matter?

Happiness matters. It matters so much that it predicts the amount of success you will have in almost every area of your life(1). Your health, relationships, financial status, career trajectory, overall sense of confidence and well-being – you name it, happiness plays a vital role.  The meaning of happiness is subjective and is dependent on…


Avoiding Workplace Burnout With Health & Happiness Training

The idea of workplace “burnout” first emerged in the 1970’s when Herbert Freudenberger defined it as “to fail, to wear out, or become exhausted by making excessive demands on energy, strength or resources”. Symptoms of burnout continue to manifest themselves today and have various impacts on the individual and the organization. The meaning of burnout…