A Message from Natalie:

I am committed to living a happy life. Happiness, I believe, is not a right or a result of something that may happen in the future. Happiness is an act of courage, it is a choice, and it begins with us. Your happiness is being determined right now. How we choose to think, the things we decide to invest our time in, these determine our state of being.

Our actions are determined by our habits and as we are all creatures of habit, they are what make us and what have the power to possibly also break us. It is my mission to help you dissolve the chains of the habits that are holding you back and to guide you along the journey to creating new, healthy habits that focus on your happiness and development.

Join me here to be inspired and to receive tips and strategies to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

No Crust Pizza

Fuel & Fit Cauliflower Crust Pizza

This recipes is a great alternative to traditional pizza crusts that leave you feeling heavy. We have enjoyed many fun nights of making our own pizzas. Follow the recipe below and make the crust the size that you would like – I usually make 2-3 smaller crusts and create different topping combinations for each one….

very tired business woman fell asleep leaning on her hand

Finding the Energy to Lead Part 3 of 4: The Office

In this 4-part series, Finding the Energy to Lead, we tackle three common barriers standing between working professionals and a healthy lifestyle. In my last post the focus was travel, CLICK HERE if you missed it. The focus for this post is all about fighting the daily battle of you against ‘The Office’! It’s no…

Business competition

Finding the Energy to Lead Part 2 of 4: Travel

The second installment of this 4-part series on Finding the Energy to Lead focuses on the first of 3 modern barriers to achieving a healthy lifestyle, travel. For all you road warriors out there, I feel your pain. Traveling 5 days out of 7, home for 2 days, repeat. Maybe your trips are less frequent,…